Please note safety procedures for 2017.

There will be marshals wearing 3 different coloured shirts on the river.
RED SHIRTS : Compulsory portage - life threatening
YELLOW SHIRTS: If it is your fist time or you are not 100% confident - get out and scout or portage. Recommended only for the top 20 who may be racing.
GREEN SHIRTS : No problem to shoot, just listen to the marshals sharing the line.

Rapids: KM: Directions: Marshals:
Picnic Rapid 1 km Keep center None
Rapid 1 - Miss Kinky 8.5 km Stay Left
Rapid 2 - Fliperoo 12.5 km Long rapid - Big drop - Boat Breaker
Rapid 3 - 13 km Keep extreme right - Portage R
Rapid 4a - Cruella 14.2 km Portage L - checkpoint
Rapid 4b - Marylin 14.3 km Shoot center - drop None
Rapid 4c - Saartjie 14.4 km Shoot center - drop follow water None
Rapid 5 - Meany 17 km Marshall will share line
Rapid 6a - Pebbles 17.5 km Shoot left of center, rock bottom.Left
Rapid 6b - Big Drop 19.2 km Big, Big trouble - Portage R - Checkpoint.
Rapid 6c - Mountain Blast 22.1 km Line varies with river level, go left for safety and listen to marshal
Rapid 7 - The Ledges 24.3 km Shoot extreme right, Portage R
Ithala Fence 29.3 km Look out and take care None
Confluence 33 km Water point manned by honorary rangers None


The old portage at the 20km marker that cuts out the loop in the river has been removed, and paddlers will paddle around.

We need sponsors!

Due to the few years dry spell we have had to start with a clean slate, please get in touch if you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities

Nils : or 0827358461